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a tramp across the Heath in the snow

Winter in London is one of my favourite seasons, along with spring, summer and autumn :)  I love the anticipation of possible snow and this year we were treated (or not) to an early snow.

an early arrival - early morning snow on 11.30.2010

Of course it has caused chaos across the country and has inconvenienced so many folk who have been stuck in their cars or on trains and travel plans have gone awry!

travels plans go awry in the snow

So snow is not always welcomed in the UK.  On the plus side it is quite simply gorgeous and lends a completely new element to the season, allowing kiddies to bunk school for a few days, gives Mums and Dads the chance to get out and have some fun on the slopes or in the garden with the kids; sledding or building snowmen!

I enjoy walking in the snow, the crunch of the icy stuff beneath my feet,  I love how it cloaks the trees and how lovely they look.

snow in london 2010
oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree....looking lovely in white

 I love how the snow blankets the ground in a sea of white, and how fascinating the ponds look when frozen over.  Of course it’s not much fun for the ducks!

waterlow park snow in london 2010
upper duck pond - Waterlow Park

I took a walk across Hampstead Heath from Highgate to Hampstead yesterday to keep my pledge to support World AIDS day at Starbucks by having a cuppa coffee….

world aids day at starbucks
Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks in support of World AIDS day 12.01.2010

The walk was wonderful….crispy air blowing in gusts across the heath, everywhere I looked covered in a blanket of white and looking quite lovely!

hampstead heath
a distant view of the London skyline from the crest of the hill on Hampstead Heath

 I took a detour to visit the viaduct bridge and am so glad I did…it looked just marvellous and I was pleased to note that I was not the only ‘fool’hardy walker tramping across the heath in the snow! :)

viaduct bridge hampstead heath
the viaduct bridge on Hampstead Heath
hampstead heath
a couple of 'fool'hardy walkers at the viaduct bridge

So there you go…… mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the freezing snow….and an ex-South African too! :)

If you happen to be in London over this period, even if it is only for 3 Days in London and you think that coz it’s snowing there’s nothing to do!!! Don’t despair, there is always something fun to do no matter the weather…. and a walk on Hampstead Heath is a treat! We wish you a wonderful time….come again soon! :)