World Rivers Day 28 September

Richmond 7

World Rivers Day and the River Thames; London, England . . . → Read More: World Rivers Day 28 September

Beating Retreat 2014

beating retreat london 2014

After 12 years in London/UK I finally found myself in a position to be in London for Beating Retreat!

Hooray!!! Beating Retreat 12 June 2014, Horse Guards Parade, London

I had seen the posters, read the web, been to Trooping the Colour a number of times but not yet, despite so badly wanting . . . → Read More: Beating Retreat 2014

LEGO Advent Calendar and Christmas at Covent Garden, London

What do you get when you mix a LEGO Advent Calendar, a towering Christmas Tree, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, a Jack Daniels Barrel Tree and petting reindeer with lots and lots of baubles and balls? Why! You get Christmas at Covent Garden of course

I recently did a guest post for Nika of . . . → Read More: LEGO Advent Calendar and Christmas at Covent Garden, London

Westminster Cathedral

The first time I saw this Cathedral my eyes nearly fell out my head!!!

Westminster Cathedral – off Victoria Street London

I was startled and amazed; startled at the sheer beauty of the building and amazed that I never knew it existed. I stumbled upon this fabulous cathedral quite by accident one day . . . → Read More: Westminster Cathedral

London’s Square Mile

The City of London is actually only a small area east of central London, also known as the Square Mile. (See City of London Boundary Map.)

City of London – Square Mile boundary map

The Square Mile, heart of the City of London

this spot marks the Heart of the City of . . . → Read More: London’s Square Mile

Twitter Manager for Thames Alive

Managing Twitter for Thames Alive

3 Days in London Featured in ABC News!!!

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