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London’s Admiralty Arch up for sale????

Admiralty Arch - a national treasure

According to Channel 4 news, the government plans to sell Admiralty Arch in central London for up to £75m – part of a wider drive to get better value from its vast property estate.  To say that this is a shock to my system would be an understatement.  This is a National Treasure and should be made available to and be opened to the public; certainly as a tourist attraction.  I for one would be prepared to pay to see it.  It has been a historical part of our heritage for years and if they sell it on to one of the many hotel chains or large corporations we can kiss it goodbye.   Never will we have the opportunity to visit and learn about the history of this building and by and large we the British public will once again lose out on what is a public building.  Sure, I realise the government own the building, but we are part of this country and we are the government.  I think it’s a crying shame that this is going to be sold off to some Corporation who will shut it down to the public.


Some of the questions I have would be:

1) will the Queen still be allowed to drive through the central gates?

2) Will our flags be allowed to fly on National historic days if some corporation owns it?

3) will whoever buys it – most likely some foreign country since most of London belongs to non-British corporations already – be putting up some horrible hoarding with the name of their corporation on the facade?

Frankly, I think it is a crying shame!!!  To read the full story click here.