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4th july

Happy Fourth of July to American’s in London…..

happy 4th july
Happy 4th July USA

…… and elsewhere! :)  wishing you all a great 4th July As everyone knows, America was really started by the Brits…well okay, so maybe you didn’t know, but it’s true! Almost!! ;)   But, On July 4, 1776, USA declared its independence from Britain. If you did deep enough and sometimes go underground (and I don’t mean on the tube), you can find all manner of memorials to famous Americans, who were either from London (Britain) or lived in London, and honoured in London. Finding America in London: in no particular date order or importance, here are just a few that I know:




happy 4th july
St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral – The American Memorial ChapelAt the east end of the Cathedral behind the High Altar is the American Memorial Chapel. The Chapel is also known as the Jesus Chapel, as the space was known prior to World War II. This part of the building was destroyed during the Blitz and as part of the post-war restoration it was decided that the people of Britain should commemorate the 28,000 Americans who were killed on their way to, or stationed in, the UK during the Second World War. Their names are recorded in the 500-page roll of honour encased behind the high altar. This was presented by General Eisenhower in 1951 and a page of the book is turned every day. The American Chapel was designed by Stephen Dykes Bower and constructed by Godfrey Allen, Surveyor to the Fabric 1931-1956. The images that adorn its wood, metalwork and stained glass include depictions of the flora and fauna of North America and references to historical events.The three chapel windows date from 1960. They feature themes of service and sacrifice, while the insignia around the edges represent the American states and the US armed forces. The limewood panelling incorporates a rocket – a tribute to America’s achievements in space“. St Paul’s CathedralA plaque dedicated to Billy Fiske, the first US WW2 pilot to lose his life on British soil reads; “An American Citizen, who died that England might live.”



happy 4th july
William Penn memorial in All Hallows-by-the-Tower



All Hallows-by-the-Tower Church: William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, baptised on 23 October 1644  John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States, married 1797





happy 4th july
Captain John Smith – First Governor of Virginia



St Sepulchre-without-Newgate Church – “Captain John Smith, first governor of the State of Virginia, USA, is buried in the South aisle of the church. Smith sailed to America in “the little ships” in 1607 where he was captured by Indians and freed by Princess Pocahontas. He is commemorated in a beautiful stained-glass window on the South wall“.




happy 4th july
St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside – the Cockney Church


St Mary le Bow Church – While living in London, Pocahontas worshipped at St Mary Le Bow Church, a ‘Cockney Church’ in the heart of the City of London. A statue of the man who owed his life to her, Captain John Smith can be found standing outside in the small square.

happy 4th july
Capt. John Smith – plaza at St Mary-le-Bow

Pocahontas (born Matoaka, known as Amonute, & later known as Rebecca Rolfe, c. 1595 – March 1617) – “said to have saved the life of an Indian captive, Englishman John Smith, in 1607 by placing her head upon his own when her father raised his war club to execute him.   In April 1614, she married tobacco planter John Rolfe, and bore him a son in January 1615; Thomas Rolfe. In 1616, the Rolfes traveled to London.  Enroute back to America Pocahontas died at Gravesend of unknown causes. She was buried in a church in Gravesend, but the exact location of her grave is unknown“.



happy 4th july
Historic Royal Palaces – Tower of London

Historic Royal Palaces – “Historic Royal Palaces, Inc. was formed by Americans with a passion for iconic royal buildings, namely the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, the Banqueting House, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace. Over hundreds of years the palaces have survived war, revolt and royal scandal as well as seeing great periods of prosperity, peace and enlightenment“. ref Tower of London – Captain Franz von Rintelen, alias E. V. Gache – “In 1915, Captain Franz von Rintelen, alias E. V. Gache, was apprehended at sea and spent two days at the Tower pending his trial. He was charged with espionage acts in America against shipping bound for England. After his trial, he was deported back to America and was sentenced to four years hard labour. In February 1921 he went back to Germany and published his memoirs entitled The Dark Invader“.  ref



happy 4th july
Abraham Lincoln – American President


Parliament Square – Next to Supreme Courts – Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865. The 16th President of the United States of America (1861-1865), he led the country through the American Civil War, preserving the Union and abolishing slavery. At Gettysburg in November 1863, he gave the most famous speech in American history, declaring the war effort necessary to uphold the principles of liberty and equality for all. The war for the future of democracy would ensure that ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth’. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, at Ford’s Theatre, in Washington DC on 14 April 1865. The statue, a copy of that found in Lincoln Park, Chicago, was presented to Britain in 1920 to mark 100 years of peace between the English-speaking peoples following the War of 1812.


happy 4th july
Benjamin Franklin lived here – 36 Craven Street


36 Craven Street, London, WC2N 5NF – “In the heart of London, is Benjamin Franklin House, the world’s only remaining Franklin home. For nearly sixteen years between 1757 and 1775, Dr Benjamin Franklin – scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor, Founding Father of the United States and more – lived behind its doors“. ref Benjamin Franklin House





happy 4th july
Grosvenor House & Dwight Eisenhower

Grosvenor SquareAmerican Embassy: “Grosvenor Square has been the traditional home of the official American presence in London since John Adams established the first American mission to the Court of St. James’s in 1785. During the Second World War, Dwight D. Eisenhower established a military headquarters at 20 Grosvenor Square, and during this time the square was nicknamed “Eisenhower Platz”. A statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt, sculpted by Sir William Reid Dick, stands in the square, as does a later statue of Eisenhower, sculpted by Robert Lee Dean. John Adams lived in the house which still stands on the corner of Brook and Duke Streets  from 1785 to 1788.




happy 4th july
The Mayflower Pub in Rotherhithe


Mayflower Pub Rotherhithe – “Rumour has it, to avoid paying mooring taxes Christopher Jones, sea captain, tied up alongside the Mayflower pub where passengers boarded the ship, which then sailed to Plymouth to pick up the remaining passengers before their voyage to America.

happy 4th july
The Mayflower – Capt. Christopher Jones set sail in the Mayflower



The one hundred and two passengers and crew, setting out from their last port of call at Plymouth, on the 6th September 1620, were embarking on a journey which would appear to be the most daunting and perilous by modern nautical standards“.




happy 4th july
Capt. Christopher Jones – Mayflower

St Mary’s Church, RotherhitheChristopher Jones, Master of the Ship, lived in Rotherhithe; his children were baptised at St Mary’s and his body buried in the churchyard. Although the exact site of Captain Jones’ burial is unknown, a tablet is placed inside the church, at the East end.

happy 4th july
Capt. Christopher Jones & The Mayflower



Sailing of the MayflowerOn Thanksgiving Day 25th November 2004 a new ‘Blue Plaque’ was unveilled on the outside of St. Mary’s church tower.




American connections: Guildhall – Memorials to two British Prime Ministers with American connections:

happy 4th july
William Pitt the Elder; Earl of Chatham


Pitt the Elder – William Pitt; 1st Earl of Chatham PC (15 November 1708 – 11 May 1778) a British Whig statesman, Chatham sought to find a compromise on the escalating conflict with the American colonies. Chatham’s warnings regarding America were ignored.

After war had broken out, he warned that America could not be conquered. Due to his stance, Pitt was very popular amongst the American colonists. ref wikipedia




happy 4th july
William Pitt the Younger, Earl of Chatham


Pitt the Younger – William Pitt the Younger (28 May 1759 – 23 January 1806) was a British politician of the late 18th and early 19th centuries Pitt the Younger denounced the continuation of the American War of Independence, as his father strongly had.

Instead he proposed that the prime minister, Lord North, make peace with the rebellious American colonies. ref wikipedia




happy 4th july
Guildhall Art Gallery – painted by John Singleton Copley


Guildhall Art Gallery –  “The Defeat of the Floating Batteries (1791) by the American John Singleton Copley, which depicts the British victory at Gibraltar in 1782.

This amazingly huge oil painting was removed to safety just a month before the gallery was hit by a German bomb in 1941 and spent 50 years rolled up before being restored in 1999“.





happy 4th july
George Peabody; American Philanthropist

Statue of George Peabody(February 18, 1795 – November 4, 1869) an American-British entrepreneur, a social visionary and the first great modern philanthropist.

In 1816, George Peabody moved to Baltimore, where he became involved in the import business; shipping dry-goods in from Britain.

In 1835 he established a bank in London: ‘George Peabody and Co.’ He set up the ‘Peabody Trust’ in London in 1862, a trust which is still going strong today.  A statue of this great man can be found directly behind The Royal Exchange in the City of London opposite the Bank of England.



happy 4th july
the current London Bridge, built after Rennies Bridge sent to America


Rennie’s London Bridge – relocated in 1831 to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States, bought by Robert P. McCulloch from the City of London.  The bridge spanned the River Thames in London, England, until it was dismantled in 1967.

The Arizona bridge is a reinforced concrete structure clad in the original masonry of the 1830s bridge. Urban legend maintains he thought he was in fact buying Tower Bridge…..this is of course not true.




tower bridge 120 years
Tower Bridge viewed from Butler’s Wharf



Tower Bridge – 1 April 2010 – an April Fool’s joke





happy 4th july
Berkeley Square


Berkeley Square – Peter Standish, a character from the play Berkeley Square written by John Balderston, about a Yankee who lives in a house on the square and is transported back to the 18th century. The play was produced as a movie in 1933, with Leslie Howard, and 1951 and on television in 1959. ref wikipedia   “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Squarewritten for New Faces in 1940. Manning Sherwin (January 4, 1902 – July 26, 1974) an American composer, born in Philadelphia, attended Columbia University before embarking upon a long career in musical theatre and films. His most enduring composition is the music for “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”, with lyrics by Eric Maschwitz.


Selfridge’s – Harry Gordon Selfridge (11 January 1858 – 8 May 1947) born in Ripon, Wisconsin visited London as a child in 1906.  He later returned to London and set up shop on the western end of Oxford Street; the American-style ‘Selfridges’, opened on 15th March 1909 as a temple to commerce.

Bryanston Court’ – on Seymour Place; a quiet street not too far from Marble Arch. During the 1930’s Bryanston Court was home to Wallis Simpson; an American socialite who married the ‘King who abdicated for love'; Edward VIII .

Although not always the case, America and Americans have long been allies of the United Kingdom, fighting alongside of Britain in the Second World War, visiting frequently and often puzzled by the very quirky, eccentric and often crazy traditions, events and sayings of the Brits….often known as cousins!

4th july
Allies – Dwight Eisenhower & Winston Churchill


Allies – On a bench in Mayfair, where Old Bond Street meets New Bond Street, is a bronze statue called ‘Allies’. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, portrayed sitting on a park bench ‘talking’ together. A gift from the Bond Street Association; the shops and businesses of Bond Street, to the City of Westminster to commemorate 50 years of peace.

Lawrence Holofcener, a sculptor with dual nationality created this landmark. It was unveiled on 2 May 1995 by Princess Margaret. Lawrence Holofcener (born February 23, 1926, Baltimore, Maryland, United States): an American poet, lyricist, playwright, artist, novelist, actor, director and sculptor with dual British and American nationality.


happy 4th july
George Washington – National Gallery


Take a stroll past the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square and you’ll see a statue of George Washington. Where are your favourite ‘America in London’ places?






Did you know: Halloween, although seemingly an American tradition was actually a British export.

happy 4th july







Here is something to tickle your fancy – American Tourist in London and Thanks for adopting us, London  3daysinlondonLOGO-highRes


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From Monday 6 July 2014 London buses go cashless
the new Boris Bus ;)


A note for overseas visitors: From July 6th buses on all London routes will no longer accept cash. Please check their website for details of how to buy a ‘Visitors’ Oyster (travel) card. Types of refund – Oyster cards no longer needed: If you no longer need your Oyster card they’ll refund any remaining pay as you go credit, the remaining value of any Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass season ticket and the deposit, if you paid one.

oyster card travel in london
Oyster Card


To get a refund you can: Post them your oyster card or…. Take your Oyster card to a Tube station ticket office

happy 4th july Tube Map

Call Customer Services 0343 222 1234 08:00-20:00, Monday to Sunday including public holidays Please note this does not apply to Travel Cards, one day or otherwise. It is only for Pay as you go Oyster Cards.

tour de france comes to london july 2014

Tour de France, London 7 July 2014 #TDF

Tour de France is coming to London Monday, 7 July 2014

tour de france comes to london july 2014
Tour de France
7 July 2014

Plan ahead and don’t get caught out.

Advice from @letour: Please, keep your animals on a leash along the Tour de France route and avoid disaster! #cycling

For Stage 1,2 & 3 days and times

You can catch all the action as the world’s top cyclists take on the Tour at the FREE official Tour de France ‘fan parks’ where the race will be shown on giant screens:

tour de france comes to london
Trafalgar Square
FREE Viewing
5-7 July 2014


Central London: Trafalgar Square – free screenings, the festival offers live music, food stalls and a bar on the Monday. Check the website for times

Watch the world’s top cyclists take on the Tour on the big screen in the Trafalgar Square Fan Park, London, WC2N 5DN.




Green Park FREE viewing 5-7 July 2014
Green Park
FREE viewing
5-7 July 2014


Central London: Green Park will be hosting a Fan Park from Friday 5-7 July 2014

The Mall will be closed from 16:00 on Sunday July 6th till 23:50 on Monday 7th July.





tour de france comes to london
Tour de France
FREE viewing
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
5-7 July 2014


Stratford: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from Friday 5 -7 July 2014

Canary Wharf takes over at the end of the race on July 24-27.




Don’t forget: many roads will be closed from 10am on Monday 7 July.
Most streets on and near the race route in London will be open on the morning of Monday 7 July until 10:00, when they will be closed.

Plan your Monday journey

A note for overseas visitors: From July 6th buses on all London routes will no longer accept cash.

Please check their website for details of how to buy a ‘Visitors’ Oyster (travel) card.

free 3 days in london app
3 Days in London


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State Opening of Parliament 2013

State Opening of Parliament 2014

It’s the State Opening of Parliament on June 4th 2014.

A wonderful event with all the pomp and ceremony that the British are so brilliant at!! One of the most colourful events of the parliamentary year, the State Opening of Parliament sees the monarch formally open Parliament and deliver the Queen’s Speech (which is actually written by the government!) .   This speech sets out Parliament’s agenda for the coming year.

State Opening of Parliament 2013
the carriage with the Crown goes back to Tower of London – State Opening of Parliament 2013

We get to see the Queen whizz by with the Duke of Edinburgh in the State Carriage, Musical and marching bands galore.

The timetable from their website:

Timetable of events

  • Royal Procession – the Queen leaves Buckingham Palace in a carriage procession that makes its way through the streets to the Houses of Parliament.

  • Palace of Westminster: 11.15am (approx.) – the Queen arrives at Sovereign’s Entrance at the Houses of Parliament.

  • Queen’s Speech: 11.30am (approx.) – the Queen reads out the speech from the Throne in the House of Lords.

  • Motion for Humble Address: 2.30pm (Commons) and 3.30pm (Lords) – both the Commons and Lords thank the Queen for the speech and both Houses begin debating the government’s legislative programme.

For further information and the route details:

After all this the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh leave the Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament and ride through the streets of Westminster back to Buckingham Palace. The Crown and other paraphernalia return to the Tower of London where they are kept in the Crown Jewel vaults.  Marching bands file past in a glorious display of Pomp and Ceremony!!

State Opening of Parliament 2013
Horse Guards – State Opening of Parliament 2013

An extraordinary event, the State Opening of Parliament is well attended, although members of the public are not able to watch the proceedings inside the hallowed halls of parliament.  The route is clearly marked on their website  if your’e planning on attending.

State Opening of Parliament 2013
State Opening of Parliament 2013

If you would like to watch from the precincts of the Houses of Parliament then the nearest tube station is Westminster.  But, go early this event is usually well attended.  I would suggest you get there by 8am at least to get a good spot ….then relax and be patient ;)

Plan your journey:

What you can see in the area:

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

St Margaret’s Church

The Jewel Tower

The London Eye

Whitehall and the Cenotaph and other statues and memorials

St James’s Park

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The Glorious Georges

Public events celebrating the Glorious Georges this summer

There are a number of public events celebrating the Glorious Georges this summer.

Step into the world of the Georgian kings during 2014 in a series of exciting events, entertainments an spectacles to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian Succession to the British throne.

Many events will play out over the rest of 2014; Georgian concerts, organ recitals, Georgian cookery, sleepovers and talks with the experts.

fountain court at hampton court palace
The Fountain Court and Baroque Palace of Hampton Court Palace

From April 17 (ongoing) – The Queen’s State Apartments : Hampton Court Palace
From April 17 (ongoing 1st weekend of every month during the summer) – The Chocolate Kitchen : Hampton Court Palace
From April 17 (ongoing) – explore The Maze and take a ‘Georgian selfie’ at the centre : Hampton Court Palace
May 2 – The Glorious Georgian Sleepover – overnight at Hampton Court Palace
May 24-26 – Music Weekend: Echo to the Vaulted Sky
May – July (during term time) Georgian tiny explorers at Hampton Court Palace & Kensington Palace
June 3 – Flattery and scandals in the early Georgian court : Hampton Court Palace
June 6 – Choral Foundation Concert : Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace
June 25 (ongoing) – The Georgian Kitchen : Hampton Court Palace
July 14 (ongoing) – Prince of Wales Tours : Hampton Court Palace
July 14 – Who was the most glorious Georgian : Hampton Court Palace
July & August (see website for dates) – Salacious Gossip Tours, Hampton Court Palace
July 26-27 – Glorious Georges family festivals : Hampton Court Palace
July 28 – Georgian question time with Sir Trevor McDonald : Hampton Court Palace
August 9 – Georgian family days – Hampton Court Palace
August 23-25 – BBC Good Food Festival : Hampton Court Palace
September 14 – Handel’s Fireworks Music and Illuminations : Hampton Court Palace Privy Garden

Most of these are ticketed events: please check the website for details, prices & make bookings :

How to get there:
By car: from the M25 take either exit 10 and A307 or exit 12 and A308.
also accessible via the A3 and then the A309.
Parking is available (fee applicable)
By train: 30 minutes direct from London Waterloo to Hampton Court Station and short walk
By bus: From Kingston – 111, 216, 411, 461, 513
From Richmond via Twickenham – R68
Please note there is no tube service but you can take the District Line to Richmond Station and the R68 to Hampton Court from there.

Plan your journey:
Plan your journey:

events at kensington palace
Kensington Palace – home to King George II and Queen Caroline

From April 17 (ongoing) – The King’s State Apartments : Kensington Palace
April 30 – Hanoverians with Lucy Worsley : Kensington Palace
May 16 – Georgian Masked Ball and sleepover : Kensington Palace (part of the Museums at Night)
May – July (during term time) Georgian tiny explorers at Hampton Court Palace & Kensington Palace
June 15 – Georgian family day – Kensington Palace
June 23 – Queen Caroline; a most remarkable woman : Kensington Palace
June 28-29 – Glorious Georges family festivals – Kensington Palace
July 9 – Georgian fashion remix : Kensington Palace
July 23 – Georgian London; royals and bohemians : Kensington palace
September 19 – The Kensington Salons
October 17 – The Kensington Salons
November 21 – The Kensington Salons

Most of these are ticketed events: please check the website for details, prices & make bookings :

How to get there:
Located in Kensington Gardens
By tube: Notting Hill Gate and Queensway stations: Central Line.
High Street Kensington: District and Circle lines and a short walk.
By bus: Routes 9, 10, 28, 49, 52, 70, 328, C1.

Plan your journey:

kew palace
The beautiful Kew Palace aka the pink palace, home of George III and Queen Charlotte

KEW PALACE (within Kew Gardens)
Last weekend of every month – Georgian cookery : Kew Palace
May 15 – Curious Kew evening tour : Kew Palace
May 31 – June 1 – Jellymania : Kew Palace
June 6 – The Kew snooze Georgian sleepover (children) : Kew Palace
June 21 – Gin and cake tasting evening : Kew Palace
June 26 – Designing Kew Gardens : Kew Palace
August 14 – At the King’s table; Georgian royal dining : Kew Palace
August 30-31 – Glorious Georges family festivals : Kew Palace

Most of these are ticketed events: please check the website for details, prices & make bookings :

How to get there:
Located in Kew Gardens (please note there is an entry fee for Kew Gardens)
By tube: Kew Gardens station: District line and a short walk
By train: Kew Bridge station or Overground train to Kew Gardens
By bus: Routes 65, 237 and 391

Plan your journey:
A Really Useful Guide to the Georgians……
May 17 – Georgian Fashion : Kensington Palace
June 14 – Georgian food : Hampton Court Palace
August 2 – Georgian science : Kew Palace
Tickets: pay what you can – suggested £5
A Really Useful Guide to the Georgians is available to purchase in the palace shops and online at

There are many other events happening this summer at the Historic Royal Palaces:

June 11-25 – Hampton Court Palace Festival : Hampton Court Palace

July 8-13 – RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show : Hampton Court Palace

September 20-12 – Open House Weekend – Georgian Palaces : Hampton Court Palace & Kensington Palace

events at banqueting house
the fabulous Rubens ceiling at Banqueting House

May 15 – Late night opening : Banqueting House until 22:00
Part of Museums at Night

How to get there:
By tube: Westminster station: Jubilee and District & Circle lines.
Embankment station: Northern, District & Circle lines and Bakerloo line.
By train: Charing Cross Station
By bus: there are a number of buses that service the area, best alighting point is on Whitehall.

Plan your journey:

Open air cinema at Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace : from August, Luna cinema returns for another year with an eclectic mix of films to choose from. For further information:

events at the tower of london
Tower of London


Knight School – Selected weekends from : April 26 (ticketed)
Tudors at the Tower family festival : May 24-26 (in cluded in ticket price)
Anne Boleyn; her life in the shadow of the Tower : May 27 (ticketed)
The Tower; an architectural history with Dan Cruikshank : May 28 (ticketed)
Anne of a Thousand Days : May 29 Film screening (ticketed)

Book now at:

Tower archaeology weekend : July 19-20 (free to take part) Tower Wharf
First World War at the Tower of London : from July 25

How to get there:
DLR: Tower Gateway
By tube: Tower Hill Station: District & Circle lines.
London Bridge Station: Jubilee and Northern lines.
Bank station: Northern, Central and Waterloo & City lines (then a bus or walk).
By train: Fenchurch Street or London Bridge and a walk
By bus: Routes 15, 42, 78, 100, RV1
By riverboat: Tower Pier departing from Charing Cross, Westminster and Greenwich.

Plan your journey:

There is always something interesting going on at the Historic Royal Palaces, so for further information about events, dates, times and prices please visit their site:

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King George I at Hampton Court palace (2)

George I at Hampton Court Palace

In 1714 Queen Anne, despite 17 pregnancies, died without an heir.

King George I at Hampton Court palace (2)
Hampton Court Palace

With at least 50 descedents to choose from you’d think the British Parliament would find at least one person to take the crown…but no…they were all Catholic and that precluded them from a place on the throne. Without much ado the powers that be set about eliminating this one and that till they finally settled on the Prince of Hanover…a little known principality in Germany. A reluctant king, he became King George I; God Save the King!



Already middle aged at the time he became king, George I was shy, serious and disliked display and ceremony…..but when he arrived in England he brought with him a large retinue of German courtiers and two women thought to be his mistresses; Ehrengard Melusina von der Schulenberg a tall thin woman unkindly nicknamed ‘the maypole’ and Sophia Charlotte von Kielmansegg, a short fat woman nicknamed ‘the elephant’. His wife; Sophia Dorothea of Celle had been locked away in a castle in Hanover following an affair with a Swedish soldier!

This Easter weekend, the Historic Royal Palaces, as part of the 300th anniversary celebrations have created a weekend of fun and festivities to welcome the new king…

Arriving via the River Thames on the royal barge, King George I newly arrived from Hanover visits Hampton Court Palace. A guard of honour arranged by the Duke of Marlborough, along with a band of royal musicians assembles to welcome the king.

Eight white Hanoverian horses, a gift from the King to his new subjects perform a special dance ballet to music and cheers from the crowd. Courtiers dance in the magnificent Cartoon Room of William III’s palace whilst ladies take tea and gossip in the Privy Gardens.

A day of activities from morning till late afternoon will keep you running here and there taking it all in. Experience the excitement, the drama and majesty of King George I’s first arrival at the palace, hear gossip from the ladies of the court, see courtiers huddled in corners and watch the beautiful horses perform in the gardens.

Beautiful re-presentations of the Queen’s State Apartments explore who the Hanoverian dynasty were, how it is they came to rule Britain and how their fiery and disastrous family rows were played out in public…experience the sights, sounds, foods and smells (with a fascinating smell chart) of the Hanoverian dynasty.

At the end of the day the King retires to his apartments

The arrival of King George I at Hampton Court Palace is part of the Glorious Georges season, an exciting celebration of the loves, lives and scandals of the Georgian monarchs across Historic Royal Palaces in 2014, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian Accession to the British throne.

King George I at Hampton Court palace (8)
The Glorious Georges

Hampton Court Palace till 21 April 2014
For more information visit 

Nearest station: Hampton Court

Buses: R68, 111, 216, 281

Plan you journey: