Bow Street, Covent Garden

BOW STREET – is the site of the ROYAL OPERA HOUSE!!

royal opera house covent garden london
Royal Opera House, Bow Street London

it also features as one of the streets on the standard LONDON MONOPOLY board.   The area around BOW STREET was developed by FRANCIS RUSSELL, 4th Earl of Bedford in the 1630’s.
OLIVER CROMWELL moved to Bow Street in 1645 (you can see his statue in the courtyard of the Palace of Westminster aka the Houses of Parliament and his death mask is on show in the JEWEL TOWER
Robert Harley, 1st Earl of OXFORD was born here in 1661
the former BOW STREET MAGISTRATES COURT was completed in 1881

bow street magistrates court, covent garden, henry fielding novelist
Bow Street Magistrates, Court Covent Garden London

the novellist HENRY FIELDING who sat on the bench at Bow Street Magistrates Court, along with his brother JOHN formed the BOW STREET RUNNERS in 1754. this became Britain’s 1st paid Police Force.
OSCAR WILDE – well-known Irish rogue, was incarcerated at Bow Street Court for committing ‘indecent acts’ in 1895 and sentenced to 2 years hard labour. Oscar Wilde wrote the tome ULYSSES.
Bow Street Magistrates Court closed in 2006 and the building is to be converted into a boutique hotel.

THE DANCER SCULPTURE – by Enzo Plazotta who was an Italian-born English sculptor.

the dancer enzo plazzotta london bow street
The Dancer - Enzo Plazzotta. Bow Street London

Plazotta is best remembered for a fascination with and the study of movement in bronze – the human form, horses, ballerinas and for his female studies, many of which adorn London’s streets.
There is a beautiful sculpture of his near TATE BRITAIN on Millbank – Jeté – well worth a look when you are in that area. He died in London aged 60.

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