Sicilian Avenue, Bloomsbury

I recently took a group of people on a tour of Bloomsbury and one of the places we walked through was Sicilian Avenue.

sicilian avenue bloomsbury

Sicilian Avenue, Bloomsbury

Sicilian Avenue is a delightful splash of Italy tucked away on the apex of Southampton Row and Bloomsbury Way.  Designed by R.J. Worley and completed in 1910 as a pedestrianised shopping street with accommodation above the outlets, it boasts beautiful architecture with ornate carved stone facades and original convex shop fronts trimmed with dark wood.

sicilian avenue bloomsbury

Sicilian Avenue Bloomsbury, a delightful London secret

The area is still used a such to this day, and the large stone inscriptions at each end of the street give it a truly old-world Italian feel. The street contains variety of shops and restaurants, including second hand bookshops and spaghetti restaurants. The edges of the walkway are lined with flowers and bushes, and in the summer it is one of the most pleasant areas in Central London.

Just over the way from Bloomsbury Square it is a charming area to stroll through and perhaps stop off for a meal or browse along the shopfronts.  Be sure to look up at the lovely facades.  There was some construction work going on when I was there but hopefully that will soon be completed.

sicilian avenue bloomsbury

nearest tube station Holborn on the Central Line.    Alternatively if you have just visited the British Museum (probably no more than a 5 minute walk away), take a stroll through the lovely leafy streets (in spring & summer) and enjoy this delightful secret of London. p.s. you can visit in autumn and winter too! :)

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