some ideas of things to do in London with kids

London is a vast sprawling metropolis and there is so much to see and do that sometimes it can be a little daunting trying to decide what to do while you are here, especially if you have children.  I have compiled a list of both fun and historical things to do in London that will hopefully be of interest to children of various ages.  This is not by any means a complete list but just a taster really of what there is on offer.  Some of the attractions will be suitable for older children and others will be fine for kids from 3 years to 90! :)  

What I have done is compile a list of the relevant links to the various websites and from there you can have a look and decide what suits you best.  As I say this is just a taster, but caters for the younger generation as well as being interesting for adults.

Some of those listed do require payment ranging from £3.50 per person through to £20+ per person, others are FREE!!! :)  Please note that I am not an affiliate for any of these links and provide these for your information only.

So here is the list:

things to do in London with kids:   FREE FREE FREE FREE

then of course there is:
Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace FREE (this link gives you days and times)
Big Ben – view only
St Paul’s Cathedral – for a fabulous view of the city from the Golden Gallery ( a hefty climb, but great views)

for your convenience here is a link to information about the underground tube system: getting around

here are a few photos that you may enjoy

tower of london
The Tower of London - view the crown jewels
natural history museum
The Natural History Museum - you could spend a whole day here!
st pauls cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral viewed from near to the Millenium Bridge
golden hinde
Sir Francis Drake's galleon - the Golden Hinde

whether you have just 3 Days in London or longer……..we wish you a great time and many happy memories :)

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