visit tate modern london

Visit the Tate Modern London

Tate Modern, situated in a former power station on the bank of the River Thames in London presents modern and contemporary art from around the world.

visit tate modern london
Tate Modern viewed from Millenium Bridge

I recently visited the museum and found it completely different to my expectations.  Entering through the massive glass doors from the bankside you pass the shop (!) and into a huge cavernous area where nothing much at all is happening.

visit tate modern london
Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, London

Most of the art displays are located on the various levels along the side of the building; some are FREE and some are not!! :) I meandered about with no particular destination and although modern art is not really to my taste, there were some fascinating exhibits.

visit tate modern london
Interactive Art at Tate Modern – free to participate

I found this to be totally bizarre; two birds (stuffed one assumes) attached to the wall by arrows that pierce their bodies, hanging in death above the sketched black outline of buildings…possibly depicting the despatching of pigeons above London.  There are a large number of exhibits that you can visit, and as mentioned they do require an entrance fee. visit their site for further information.

visit tate modern london
I found this to be quite weird

On one side of the vast cavern was a most interesting exhibit….a black and white painted area with a man in ballet tights running about whilst another man was filming him. Would loved to know what that was all about (perhaps I should have asked hey).

visit tate modern london
…not at all too sure what this was abot!

Tate Modern can be accessed via Peters Hill, leading down from St Paul’s Cathedral and over the Millenium Bridge.

The chimney of Tate Modern is equally impressive

visit tate modern london
Tate Modern – chimney

You can also travel between the Tate Modern and Tate Britain further along the river towards Westminster Bridge.

If you want to know more about Tate Britain……click here.  Although you cant possibly do everything there is to do with only 3 days in London, the museums are always worth a visit. Enjoy :)

Update: 2015.04.03 I have since been back to Tate Modern a number of times and seen some amazing exhibitions:

My favourite of which would have to be the Ai WeiWei Sunflower Seeds exhibition that ran from October 2010 – May 2011

A new art space was opened up at Tate Modern in July 2012; The Tanks – an interactive art space.

When visiting the Tate Modern Gallery, be sure to visit the 6th floor restaurant for an amazing view of the River, St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London

visit tate modern london
view from the 6th floor restaurant Tate Modern

and then take a walk on Bankside for a similar view

visit tate modern london
Damian Hirst at Tate Modern and view of St Paul’s Cathedral

Nearest tube station:
St Pauls – Central Line
Southwark – Jubilee Line and an approx 10 minute walk
Plan your journey:

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2 thoughts on “Visit the Tate Modern London”

  1. I can’t speak highly enough of Tate Modern. Even if you don’t like the art, the building has to be seen to see how they’ve converted a turbine plant into a prestigous gallery…and it’s free!! There’s an extension currently underway too, so I can’t wait to see that completed. My wife and I have written a free guide to London to pass on our own tips of what to see and we’ve included a special page on Tate Modern….

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